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SUPER HI VISION is engineered for excellence. It is HOYA’s super scratch resistant, super easy-to-clean and super anti-reflection lens coating.

The process starts with rigorously tested compatible lens materials, then a “substrate matched” hard dip coat is applied, resulting in a precisely engineered multi-layer anti-reflection coating and a high performance top coat.

One of the biggest complaints from wearers of anti-reflection coatings is that they feel they have to constantly clean their lenses because they can see dust and dirt on the surface. Super Hi Vision has a smudge and dirt repellent and hydrophobic top layer that optimizes visual performance and comfort, while reducing lens cleaning time.

  • Easy to clean
  • Water & grease repellent
  • Attracts less dust & dirt
  • Glare and surface reflections are minimized, especially when driving at night

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