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LIGHT REACTIVE LENSES also known as Photochromic lenses, adjust to changing UV light conditions by darkening in bright light circumstances outdoors and fading back to clear indoors, ensuring maximum comfort in all circumstances.

These light reactive lenses with Stabilight Technology take photochromics to a new level. Stabilight Technology ensures Sensity lenses perform consistently in all climates, all seasons and all circumstances. Not only do they darken faster than ever before but they also quickly fade back to clarity as soon as the ambient light intensity diminishes. As a result Sensity provides the highest user convenience as well as the best protection.

Bright sunlight and blinding glare can all too often cause significant problems for drivers on our busy roads. Low sun and wet roads result in difficult driving situations making traditional sunglass solutions impractical. By offering a combination of Polarization and Photochromic technologies DriveWear offers protection from glare and provides high contrast vision, resulting in less stress and fatigue while driving.

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