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iD LIFESTYLE 2 - CLARITY is for active individuals who frequently shift their focus between near and far objects. Clarity lenses are designed to meet the visual needs of those who lead active lifestyles, providing wider and clearer fields of vision when looking ahead and into the distance.

If you’re a sports or outdoor enthusiast - or you’re just “on-the-go” all the time - and fine print is becoming more difficult to read, ask your eye care professional if Clarity lenses are right for you.


iD LIFESTYLE 2 - HARMONY is for those who primarily focus on objects and tasks no more than an arm’s length away. Harmony lenses are designed for those who already wear progressive lenses, and are having additional difficulty seeing close up.

If you frequently perform tasks at arm’s length - like reading a book or using a tablet device - and you’d appreciate a broader, more comfortable near zone of vision to help you see the details, ask your eye care professional if Harmony lenses are right for you.

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